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NEW! Dinner Belle Workshops

Our workshops will foster relationships with our community, still support local farmers, teach meal prep, and be a more cost-effective way to have convenient, healthy food.

Who: 8 - 10 people at a time interested in learning how to prepare meals ahead of time for the week with local, seasonal ingredients, in reusable glassware.


  • Everyone will bring home 4 breakfast jars, 4 salad jars, and a covered dish that will feed 4.
  • Plus, everyone will get printed recipes to keep and learn techniques to recreate the meals at home.
  • The difference between this and our standard Dinner Belle offering is that attendees will bring their own glassware from home to the class to take back home with them filled with delicious food. They will also bring their own proteins.
  • We will provide all sauces, dressings, and local, seasonal vegetables.
  • Where: Our workshops will be available in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin.
  • Cost: $70/person

Email us at if you would be interest in hosting a Dinner Belle workshop in your home. Hosts will get their meals for free, of course, for sharing their homes!

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