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$6.50 - $17.50
Village Bakery makes unforgettable artisan bread with the highest quality organic wheat. Perfect to pair with our soups or salads! Please note that it contains gluten.
Our eggs come from happy, free range hens from nearby farms.
Short Mountain Cultures in Woodbury, TN make fermented foods that are great for your gut health.
We love Booch because they are one of the oldest Kombucha companies in Nashville and they use organic ingredients.
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$6.50 - $17.50
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Village Bakery Pugliese (contain gluten)
Village Bakery Sourdough(contain gluten)
Village Bakery, Rosemary Potato Loaf
Dozen Local, Free Range Eggs
Short Mountain, TN Sauerkraut, 15oz
Short Mountain Cultures, Coconut Kefir
Short Mountain, Jasmine Jun Growler,64oz
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