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    Mindful and Delicious: Complete Meal Delivery to Nashville, Brentwood, Antioch, Madison and Franklin, TN.

    Breakfast Jars, Salad Jars, and Easy Family Dinners in Glass Packaging to Reduce Waste.

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    We say:


    Good-bye to chemicals, preservatives, and processed ingredients.

    Adieu to frozen pizzas and inconvenient trips to pick up food from restaurants.

    Bon voyage to cooking daily meals and never having enough time.

    Adios to the stress of rigid meal planning.

    Farewell to wasteful packaging from national meal delivery services.


    Howdy to ingredients from local farms & artisan producers.

    Hello to organic, unrefined ingredients.

    Welcome to grass-fed dairy and meat from local, pastured, humanely treated animals.

    Bonjour to compostable & glass packaging that is whisked away weekly, sanitized and reused.

    Bon appetit to marvelous tasting prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    And, most of all, THANK YOU for the gift of time to mindfully reconnect to yourself and the people who matter most in your life.


    Not only is it socially responsible to eat local, but it is incredibly delicious here in Middle Tennessee. The last few years have seen an explosion of creative farmers raising colorful heirloom ingredients. Dinner Belle will source as many local ingredients as possible and all the meals revolve around the harvest seasons. All local sources will be listed in each Dinner Belle recipe.



    There are wonderful, certified organic farms here in Middle Tennessee. There are also many farms that use organic practices but are not yet certified because the certification process is too expensive for smaller farms. Dinner Belle visits farms that are not certified or has a representative visit to make sure they really are using organic practices. We try to use organic ingredients as much as possible and never use any non-organic produce on the “Dirty Dozen” list; however, we may occasionally use a non-organic ingredients from the “Clean Fifteen” list.


    No Processed Foods

    Instead of foods made with refined flour or sugar, Dinner Belle uses only whole foods like rice, potatoes, corn and whole grains like barley, farro and quinoa. The only sweeteners we use are local honey, local sorghum, or unrefined cane sugar.


    High Protein Meatless Meals

    We encourage you to eat a few meatless meals every week. It is good for your health and more sustainable. Unfortunately, factory farming has made many Americans accustom to eating meat at almost every meal, but high-quality meat cannot be produced in that volume.


    Pastured Meat

    The hilly Middle Tennessee landscape actually makes it more conductive to raise meat here than to grow crops. We only offer meat from free-range animals that have been treated humanely and never given hormones or steroids. Cows are grassfed, but may be finished with organic, GMO-free grain. Chickens are never given antibiotics. Pigs and cows are never given antibiotics unless in an extreme, isolated circumstance where it is inhumane not to treat them.


    Less waste

    Instead of plastic, we package your food in reusable Mason jars or compostable casserole dishes made from plant fibers. Each week Dinner Belle sterilizes the returned glass packaging for use again.

  • Know Your Farmer.

    Our Heroes this week. 

    Some of our Producers:

    • Green Door Gourmet, Nashville, TN
    • S.E. Daugherty and Sons, Nashville, TN
    • Bloomsbury Farms, Smyrna, TN
    • Bountiful Blessings Farm, Williamsport, TN
    • Greener Roots, Nashville, TN
    • No. 9 Farm, Ashland City, TN
    • Athenas Havest, Santa Fe, TN
    • Lupine and Poppies, Franklin, TN
    • Bushel and A Peck Homestead, Cumberland City, TN
    • KLD Farm, Ashland City, TN
    • Rittenbery Farm, Burna, KY
    • Nobel Springs, Franklin, TN
  • Testimonials

    “Love what you do! You are saving marriages and supporting families.” Crystal K.


    "So incredibly flavorful and healthy! Took the guess work out of the "What in the world are we going to have for dinner this week?" with meal planning. Delivery and packaging is perfection. It was so easy to follow the directions and throw together a delicious meal in the evening rush! Thank you for doing what you do Dinner Belle!"

    -Shaun D.


    "Delicious, healthy food. I love supporting this local business and local farms. The recipes are easier and quicker to prepare than other meal deliveries and the meals are creative and delicious!"

    -Alexis P.


    "What a great offering this is! Beautiful, fresh and tasty food for your family that is quick and easy. We love it! Thanks Dinner Belle."

    -Cindy G.


    Order now until Wednesday for delivery Sunday, August 9th!

    Use code FEELSLIKETHEFIRSTTIME at checkout for 30% off your first order of $60 or more.

    Or, free delivery to Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Madison, & Antioch on $60 orders with code FREEDELIVERY60.

  • F.A.Q.

    You asked, we answered!

    When can I order?

    Three days out of the week.

    Ordering is available from Monday until Wednesday of every week. It closes on Thursday in preparation for deliveries.

    When are deliveries?

    On Sunday of every week.

    We deliver on Sunday between 1-5pm. You will get a text or email to confirm your delivery. The meals are delivered in an insulated bag with ice so that you don't have to be home to receive your order. It can wait at your doorstep until you get home.


    Gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, eggs, and fish.

    We take every care to avoid allergens, but we do work in a shared facility with all allergens.If you have a severe food allergy we do not recommend trying Dinner Belle.

    Is Dinner Belle sold in stores?


    No. Dinner Belle is only available for delivery.

    Do I need to keep my food refrigerated?

    Food Safety

    Yes. All items are delivered to you in an insulated bag with ice. When you receive the meals they should go directly into your refrigerator. We suggest you leave a cooler outside if you won't be home to receive your meals.

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